Asset Protection

Protecting your assets will save you time and money. Protect vehicles and property with our range of equipment that includes docking bumpers, corner protectors, shock absorbing guard rails, vehicle bumpers, heavy duty barrier rails and racking protection. We also carry the Park Sentry which effectively increases the parking space available to drivers while protecting their vehicle and your property from damage. Please browse our website and contact us to discuss your requirements.

Docking Bumper-Dock Safe is able to withstand truck impact when reversing into the Loading Dock. Made from quality rubber they will compress then rebound to original shape. Protect yor Loading Dock with our Dock Safe Docking Bumpers.

The D Section docking bumpers can also be used to protect walls from fork lift damage and come in three sizes. They can also be used on the back of trucks to absorb impact.

The B Section docking bumpers can also be used to protect walls in passageways against trolleys, hand trucks and moving machinery. The B Section Docking Bumpers come in one metre long sections.

In underground carparks you will see Menni vehicle bumpers. Made from LLDPE you will find them mounted on building walls to protect vehicles from damage.

Shock absorbing posts can be used with W Beam rails and on impact will move up to 8 degrees. The posts can be surface mounted or core drilled into the concrete.

Heavy duty Dugite barrier rails are used extensively to protect the perimeter of car yards. Made from heavy duty tubular steel, 5mm wall thickness with long legs to embed in large concrete footings these Dugite Barrier Rails give high security and protect vehicles and property.

Have you thought about protecting your building corner brickwork or underground car park pillars against damage from vehicles? The easy and inexpensive way is to use rubber corner protectors. These can be fastened or glued to the corners.

Underground car parks have structural pillars holding up the building above and must be protected against impact. Sometimes they are positioned in a vulnerable area and need to be protected by the best product on the market- the Park Sentry. It can be used on square or round columns. It is made from high tech energy absorbing material to not only protect the columns, but reduce vehicle damage. Parking Sentry is easy to install or replace and is essential to protect structural pillars.

Protect your pallet racking from fork lifts hitting the legs by using Menni racking end guards.  Installed back from the racking ends it helps guide fork lifts away.

To protect pedestrians form fork lift tines use Menni Asset Protection, ideal for pedestrian separation in any warehouse. 

Why not use Bull Dog Brackets - racking leg guards. Made of heavy duty steel plate they can be bolted to the floor to protect the pallet racking legs against forklifts. Pallet racking can carry tonnes of stock and if a fork lift truck shears off one of the support legs it could be life threatening. For little money protect not only your assets, but you and your staff by using Bull Dog Brackets.