Automatic Bollards

Automatic bollards make it easy to stay in control of access to designated areas without having to physically get out of your vehicle to raise or lower the bollards yourself.

Our Dugite electric bollards are ideal for residential properties or our Dugite pneumatically operated automatic bollards which are used in residential and commercial applications. Both types have Galvanised and Powder coated bollard posts in White Gloss, but other colours are optional. The Dugite Electric bollard is operated by an actuator and is on low voltage power. The Dugite Pneumatically operated automatic bollard, being air operated needs room for an air compressor and compressor box if left outside.

 Our quality stainless steel pneumatically operated auto bollards come in 168/220/275mm diameter and 600mm or 750mm High. There are red LED lights around the top of the bollard with two yellow reflective strips below. If you want a high level of security these are the perfect deterrent.

Do you have a parking problem with someone always taking “your bay?” Why not install a Unipark automatic parking bollard. It is fixed to the surface with 24volt low voltage cable running back to an electrical lock box where it is plugged in. Each unit comes with two wireless remotes.


If you want impact tested, anti- terror bollards used at airports, embassies and military installations talk to one of our experienced sales staff.