Bike Racks


Our economy (4 bike) bike racks have been used extensively throughout the schools Australia wide for more than 25 years. Hot dipped Galvanised to withstand the weather they can be bolted to the ground or wall mounted.

Adult bikes these days can almost cost the same as a standard car! If you have a high tech bike and worry about damaging your wheel then go for a bike rail. Our Image Bollard range of bike rails is ideal for securing a bike frame whether using a chain or special lock. It is a simple design with the right height for securing bikes.

If you want a top of the range bike rack you cannot look passed the Zephyr bike rack. Made from polished Aluminium it is definitely made for trendy cyclists.

 How about the long lasting, appealing Dugite single bike rack perfect for home or office, this bike rack is easy to install and being stainless will never rust! If you want quality at a reasonable price then you cannot get better than the Dugite single bike rack.