Bollard Accessories

We can provide a variety of accessories to enhance your bollards and secure them. We have a range of decorative caps for permanent bollards or surface mounted bollards which can be powder coated, painted or left in raw aluminium finish. We have Carbine heavy duty padlocks or high shrouded master EX padlocks to complement our Dugite padlock removable bollards and for fastening chain to bollard posts. We have galvanised chain in 8mm/10mm and 12mm with 8mm Gold (hardened) chain also available. For crimping on to bollard chain links we have 8mm/10mm and 12mm split links. We have a range of security nuts to prevent tampering and illegal removal of fixings. Don’t forget a metal galvanised cap for your permanent bollards, these come in 114/140/165mmOD. Do you need fixings? - we offer various fixing sets for bollardswheel stops and speed humps also various sizes and lengths of Dynabolts. Installing wheel stops into Bitumen? We offer 12mm x 300mm long bitumen spikes. Do you need reflective tape? We have different sizes and lengths that we can supply and install if required. Have we missed anything?  Otherwise ask us.