Forklift Safety

Anywhere there are forklifts, there is danger and the safety of your staff, visitors and customers is paramount. Hand rails and high visibilty fencing help control pedestrian access to hazardous situations in and around the work place. We have fencing solutions and hand rails to suit any environment. Talk to one of our consultants and make your workplace a safer place to be.

De-Fence zone fencing is ideal when you have industrial lathes or other heavy machinery in operation. It protects the unwary and gives the operator less to worry about from those that do not appreciate or abide by Occupation and Safety concerns. If anyone needs to enter that zone they must enter through the access gate which automatically shuts behind them.

Our Ball Fence hand rail system is used to separate one part of the factory from another. A Ball Fence gate can be installed for entry or exit to the other zone.

Shock absorbing guard rail can be used in tight areas of any warehouse and can “give” up to 8 degrees if hit, leaving little damage to the rail itself.

Channel rail is easy to install as a separation barrier between pedestrians and Fork Lifts. The steel Channel Rail drilled and bolted to the floor protects pedestrian legs from Fork Lift tynes or pallets. The upper two rails are added protection and are powder coated Safety Yellow for high visibility.

Our Menni Q fence system can be used in warehouses to separate vehicles or Fork trucks from staff or to zone your warehouse for different activities. No fork tynes can penetrate the Menni Q Fence System. Lightweight, strong, but flexible Menni Fence Panels are made of moulded Polyethylene in Hi –Vis Orange.

Our heavy duty post and rail separation system will keep heavy machinery and vehicles out of a “no go” zone. Made of strong posts and rails it is easy to install and comes with various length rails.

Post Q fence system can be used to segregate workshop areas from the general warehouse. Highly visible with Fluro Orange panels 2130mm long x 1metre high.

Our U bars/double rail can be used inside or outside. Hot dipped galvanised with optional powder coating these U Bars come with either in ground legs or surface mounted.Protect your pallet racking with Menni racking end guard. Stop fork trucks or trolleys damaging your pallet racking and causing heavy stock to crash to the floor or possibly causing injury to workers.

 For confined spaces why not use our racking leg guard known as Bull Dog Brackets”. Protect not only yourself, but your investment.