Reflective Cones

Traffic reflective cones are widely used at road works and traffic control areas. The Police and Emergency Services will always lay out Reflective Cones at accidents or no go areas. Made from Polyethylene in high visibility orange with white reflector they come complete with a standard base or a 7kg heavy duty rubber base. Available in three sizes - 450, 700 or 1000mm High. Whether in car parks, schools or universities you will always see Reflective Cones being used especially in safety situations.

 If space is a premium why not go for a collapsible cone. They also incorporate a light that can be turned on as constant or flash mode. These cones collapse down to 60mm making them easy to store away, especially in emergency vehicles. The retractable cone bar extends from 1.2 - 2 metres, it comes in black and yellow stripe. It comes with circular rings at each end of the cone bar which fit over the reflective cones to form a barrier.