Removable Bollards

Our extensive range of removable bollards include round or square section and can be padlocked or have a key lock in the post. There are two types – by using an in-ground sleeve or a surface mounted sleeve.

 We have the Okal Sentry lock-in bollard that has a Key lock in the post and once unlocked from the surface mounted plate it can be removed and stored. The Cam lock removable bollard also unlocks from its surface mounted sleeve for gaining access.

We have a range of stainless steel key locking removable bollards or stainless steel padlock removable bollards to suit upmarket locations. If you need an economical alternative then we can offer the Sleevelok or padlock locking bollards.

 Don’t forget to order an additional sleeve to store the bollard post and not leave the post where it can be stolen, damaged or thrown through a window.