Stainless Steel Bollards

Stainless Steel Bollards look fantastic and are often selected by architects who are looking for that upmarket look and feel. All our bollards are of the highest quality and offer protection from ram raids. Restrict vehicle access as and when it suits you. We have permanent stainless steel bollards, lift assist stainless steel bollards, retractable stainless steel bollards and removable stainless steel bollards. Contact us now to see how we can help protect your business.

Don’t forget our decorative range of Stainless Steel bollards which are supplied Linished or Polished finish. Some have decorative caps or rectangular shape to lift the forecourt of any building- giving it street appeal!

 Our stainless steel automatic retractable bollards are pneumatically operated. We not only supply these bollards in 168/220/275mm diameter, but can install them for you. The bollards have LED lights in the bollard head and come in 600mm or 750mm High. These are quality bollards that not only look good, but are reliable with High impact strength.