Vehicles & Parking

With the use of the right safety equipment you can make your environment a safer and more pleasant place to be. Whether it be providing safety mirrors to eliminate blind spots and obvious dangers or utilising height restriction bars to keep oversize vehicles away from designated areas. We also supply wheel clamps for the times when you need to enforce certain regulations. 

When trucks reverse into Loading Bays they should be secured by wheel chocks. You must secure your truck, trailer even caravan from moving when unattended. 

Highly visible reflective cones come in three sizes 450mm, 700mm and 1000mm High. Made from Polyethylene these reflective cones come in Fluro Orange with a White reflective band. To corden off and area why not use retractable cone bars that extend from 1.2m to 2 metres.

Our collapsible cones are ideal for carrying in Emergency Response Vehicles. Commonly use on Mine sites they have a inbuilt light that when switched on can remain constant or in Flash mode.

Had trouble backing up a trailer or caravan to mount a kerb? There is an inexpensive, easy to carry option- a kerb ramp. Made of Heavy Duty recycled rubber and weighing 14.6kg- it is a must to have on board.

Do you have problems with illegal parkers taking your parking bay? Why not install a UNIPARK automatic parking bollard. It even runs off 24volt low voltage power and can be raised and lowered by a wireless remote.

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