Notable projects This Year (So Far)

What Type of Bollard Will Suit Your Needs Best?

There are a wide variety of choices to consider before making a final selection on which type of traffic bollard is right for your needs. Before choosing retractable bollards, Perth business owners should know all the relevant information. In this article, we will look at the different types of bollards available and some of their common applications. Armed with all this information you should be able to decide whether retractable bollards will suit your needs.. More

Increasing Safety with Fold Down Parking Bollards

If you're responsible for any kind of parking facility you may be interested in fold down parking posts installation. Fold down parking bollards are a great way to increase safety in car parks, but they are not the only solution. In order to make the right choice it's important to be aware of all the possible solutions. Let's take a closer look at some of the different options and how they may work for you.. More

What Kind of Wheel Stops Should be Used in Your Parking Area?

When negotiating car parking areas, you probably have encountered wheel stops. Perth drivers may have noticed that there are a lot of choices available. They are an aspect of construction that is unobtrusive, yet they are designed meticulously to assist in parking and promote safety. If you manage a parking area, you need to consider wheel stops as part of your strategy, but which wheel stops will suit your needs? Here are some of the options available and the situations that they are most suitable for.. More

How to Choose Your Access Gate

Many commercial and private property owners are already aware of the benefits of fitting access gates. They offer a level of protection and resilience that cannot be provided by a regular driveway gate. A well fitted access gate can add value to your property, and it may reduce the level of your insurance premiums. .. More

Crown Casino

Use Compliance Wheel Stops throughout the new car park along with over 200 Centurion Below Ground Bollards in Safety Yellow.


Bunbury Holden

New dealership has opened and is protected by our Dugite Bronze Retractable Bollards at all entrances against illegal entry or exit.


Perth International Airport

Image Bollards are proud to be associated with the Perth International Airport development. Our Flexible Bollards have been used extensively on the roadways controlling traffic seperation. Our Centurion Surface Mounted Bollards in Safety Yellow are throughout the airport carparks.


Channel 7 Perth

Image Bollards have recently supplied and installed Dugite Padlock Removable Bollards around the entry ways at the Osborne park office to protect against illegal access. 

Brookfield Multiplex

One of Australia's largest builders has used Image Bollards for the supply of our Dugite Heavy Duty Surface Mounted Bollards.


Hancock / Roy Hill Mine

Another shipment of large and heavy Permanent In Ground and Surface Mounted Bollards headed north this month. Image Bollards have manufactured massive bollards for this project to protect the infrastructure against Haulpaks and heavy equipment.