Whether you need a standard Brass Padlock to hold chain to a bollard or an upmarket Heavy duty padlock to secure a removable bollard to a ground sleeve- we can help you! We also offer a high shrouded padlock to prevent cutting by bolt cutters. Our range of padlocks come in differing quality and is priced accordingly.

Brass Padlocks:

Ideal for holding chain to bollard posts or padlock Parking bollards.

6mm+ 8mm Standard Type

6mm+ 8mm High Shrouded

Carbine Heavy Duty Padlocks:

Ideally used for Removable bollards that is locked in place by padlock. This HD Padlock is a serious padlock and well worth the price we are selling at. It comes in a 9mm hardened shackle.

Master EX series Padlock:

 A quality padlock with hardened steel high shrouds to protect against bolt cutters, this bollard can be used with Removable bollards, chain and parking bollards. It is a Heavy Duty padlock that comes with two keys and  8mm shackle.