The Dugite Platinum - Stainless Steel Lift Assisted Retractable Bollard

Platinum Series - Retractable Bollards

Description: Good looking stainless steel Retractable Bollard that can be easily lifted and self locks. To lock down - Turn the key and push the post down until it locks flush.provides a secure and affordable option for Access Control while being easy to lift and lock.
Material: 114mm diameter Stainless Steel 304, 3mm wall,  with electroplated ground sleeve.
Finish: Stainless Steel linished finish for that upmarket look. Two 30mm reflective strips in Yellow are applied.
Height: 600mm and 900mm
Weight: 32kg and 36kg
Locking System: Turn key to unlock and guide up until self locks, to lower, release with turn key and pushdown until locks.
Installation: Excavate with concrete footing


  • 114mm diameter Round bollard
  • 600mm and 900mm High
  • Lift assisted by gas strut
  • Reduce potential Workers Comp Claims
  • Easy key release
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ideal to control access
  • High impact strength


D/PLA114S4/600LA- 114mm x 600mm High
D/PLA114S4/900LA- 114mm x 900mm High