5 Quickfire Tips for Office Waste Bins Reduction

Every business and home needs waste bins to store our waste until it’s ready for disposal. However, a business can experience a lot of problems with excessive amounts of waste. All waste has a cost for storage and removal, and reducing those costs will be beneficial on the balance sheet. In this article, we will look at five quick tips that can help you to reduce the amount of paper waste generated by your business.

1. Regular Cleaning

All equipment in a retail environment needs to be spotless and visually pleasing for customers. To keep your turnstiles and boom gates looking fantastic, it will be necessary to give them a periodic cleaning. All of the surfaces will need to be cleaned using a soft cloth and a high quality stainless steel cleaner. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products and scouring pads as they will scratch the surface and damage the finish.

2. Examine the Surface

Regularly check the surfaces for scratches, marks, and dents to determine if the equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. Pedestrian related access equipment can be prone to bumps and knocks, and this needs to be monitored. Over time brackets can work loose, barrier flaps can bens and posts may start to lean. Customers can be rough on access gate areas, and some equipment may even have been manually forced open. When parts are bent or misaligned the equipment will not work as intended, and it will eventually fail to close or open correctly.

3. Annually Lubrication

Every year at a set time on the calendar carry out some lubrication on all of your entry equipment. The best product to use is a synthetic grease that you will use to lubricate any moving parts. This will help to prevent the mechanism from seizing up and ensure smooth operation for the next year.

4. Carry out Preventive Maintenance

Most full height and waist height barrier entry systems are sealed units that have protection from elements. However, the actual barriers, drop arms and flaps don’t, and they need some extra maintenance from time to time. If they are left unattended, you will gradually notice a build up of grime that makes the barrier look grubby and dirty. It’s also not unusual to find insect infestations where the barrier arm enters the housing. Both of these issues can affect how well the barrier works and will affect how a potential customer looks at your business. Every week or so, schedule a cleaning session and wash down the barriers with a non abrasive cleaning product and a soft cloth.

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