G1200 12m Boom Gate


The G12000 models are suitable for industrial and high-intensity use passages.

As in the other versions, the CAME automatic barriers are very carefully designed to ensure utmost reliability and specialist features suitable for the application context.

The low-voltage operators and assembly structure make these products the ideal solution for controlling work passage areas or applications where fast, safe automation is necessary, for large passageways.

The barriers of the GARD Series are designed to be installed both to the right and left of the passageway. They are available also in the AISI 304 inox cabinet version.

The balancing counterweight gives the G12000 model safe and reliable movement even with long bars, e.g. the 12 metre-long modular one. (detail. G12000 counterweight)

A total safety system. Built into the unit, the control board powers the motor and all the accessories connected to the low voltage (24V) system.