G8000 8m Boom Gate


The new CAME GARD series barrier implements all the recommendations prescribed by the new European standards generated by the new Machine Directives, with the objective of meeting the criteria of utmost modularity in terms of application and operations.

It is available in the 230V A.C. motor and the 24V D.C. motor versions.



  • INTEGRATION AND MODULARITY: photoelectric cells and command selectors are integrated with the automation, in perfect visual harmony.
  • EXCLUSIVE INCORPORATED FLASHING LAMP with a lighted LED diffuser. Combines design and modern lighting technology of illumination.
  • COMMAND ELECTRONICS positioned in a way to make any type of intervention particularly practical.
  • ANTI-SHEARING SECURITY mechanism in the point where the bar rotates.
  • SELF-MEMORIZATION of the radio code between the transmitter and the radio receiver.
  • ROUND TUBULAR BAR: for maximum reduction of the “sail” effect.
  • SAFETY LIGHTS: an electronic contact cuts off the illumination voltage once the inspection door is opened.
  • ENCODER: for the electronic control of the movement in the version with a 230V motor.