Manual Swing Gate


A swing gate can be used to prevent access not only to vehicles, but people. Dugite Retractable Bollards are ideal to stop illegal entry or exit of vehicles, but do not stop pedestrians walking between them. A manual swing gate is the answer to this problem. Tailor made, manufactured tubular gates to span entries up to 8 metres or by using a pair, up to 16 metres.

Swing gates hang from a master post and swing open to a hitching post or swing close to a hitching post. The gate can be padlocked open or closed. The swing gates are made from galvanised steel and can be powder coated or painted. If requested they can be finished in hot dip galvanising. We have standard sizes (4+6 metre) but, we can make to plan. We offer supply only or we can provide professional installers.



  • Prevent access
  • Visual deterrent
  • Manual operation
  • Can lock open/closed
  • Powder coated Pearl White
  • Optional other colours
  • Optional HD Padlocks
  • Inexpensive
  • Low maintenance
  • Street appeal