Bin It To Win It: Simple Ways On How To Keep A Clean And Tidy Office

Working inside an office can be a bit frustrating. While you try to juggle in between tasks to meet strict deadlines, you also need to work with people who have different views, work ethics and habits. Since you’re working with various kinds of people, it’s not surprising to be in a company of coworkers who may or may not be accidentally messy. But what can one do to address such issue?

waste bins

There are simple ways on how to keep a clean and tidy office, and of these are the following:

Invest in waste containers

Every building needs to have an adequate amount of waste bins placed strategically for easy access. Waste containers that promote recycling are the best way to eliminate trash while helping in preserving the environment. Investing in sleek yet durable waste bins in Perth is the best way to go.

Try and go paperless

One of the most common garbage found in offices are the enormous amounts of paper that is no longer needed and discarded by employees. By using a paperless system for storing and recording essential files, businesses get to save a considerable amount of money while reducing waste produced in the office. You can always take baby steps and slowly switch to computer files, only using printed documents when necessary.

Appoint a place for smokers and their cigarette butts

Designate an area for smokers and give them something to discard their trash and cigarette butts. By investing on a stainless-steel ashtray bin or two at Image Bollards, you’re silently but effectively telling your smoking officemates to throw their garbage on a safe and elected area. Now that all smokers are in one place, non-smoking employees get to savour fresh and clean air minus the leftover smell and trail of cigarettes.

Create a locker space for employees

Everyone needs a secure place where they can leave personal belongings behind, even their sweaty and undeniably aromatic pair of used clothes. There will always be a number in a bunch who prefers to walk or run on their way to work, only to step on a fresh change of clothes before logging in. Having locker rooms installed will eliminate the mess caused by an unflattering set of used clothes in the floor or even on seats.

Implement CLAY-GO rules

The best way to have a clean office is by making sure everyone is involved in keeping it clean. CLAY-GO stands for Clean As You Go. We can drastically reduce the amount of mess by letting everyone know of their responsibility in keeping their workspace clean after every use. If you would need to clean up after you use an area, would you still carelessly use it without minding the trash? The answer is an obvious one – you’ll try to make as little trash or mess as possible, and by throwing trash in the nearest waste bins.

Clean and tidy office space is a happy place to work on. By setting a good example, implementing strict ground rules and providing only the best commodities such as waste bins, we can help keep a beautiful and spotless workspace. There are lots of companies that offer pretty and heavy-duty containers, and all you need to do is invest in a reliable one that can provide you with beautiful yet durable waste bins in Perth.