Pine Pole Protective Sleeve

Do you know that Pine Poles are dipped in ARSENIC to protect against White Ant? Most Parks and Gardens have Pine Poles around them to keep vehicles off the Ovals. In the Eastern States the Shire Councils are removing Pine Poles due to safety concerns. This can be expensive!

IMAGE BOLLARDS have come up with a cost effective solution – Pine Pole Protective Sleeves. The sleeves are made of high quality molded plastic and simply placed over the existing Pine Poles and fixed with two tamper proof screws. While the sleeve protects the public from touching the Pine Poles it also looks appealing, long lasting and an inexpensive solution.



  • Model IBPS 150/600 – 150mm diameter x 600mm long, 4.5mm thick
  • Model IBPS 190/600 – 190mm diameter x 600mm long, 6mm thick
  • Standard colours – River Gum or Cream. Other colours available


  • 150mm or 190mm diameter Sleeves
  • Rounded cap
  • Long Life plastic moulded
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Each sleeves comes with 2 tamper proof screws
  • Standard colours River Gum or Cream
  • Installation service available
  • Bulk purchase discounts apply