Fold Down Parking Bollards

Australia’s Durable Parking Bollards Are Now Available Here At Image Bollards

Designed to protect your car bay from unauthorised parkers: Keylockable – sets can be keyed alike. Lays flat on the ground when access is required.   Security nuts available on request (additional). Easy bolt-on installation. Bolt cages available for installation into bitumen. As an alternative we also sell removable lock-in parking bollards.

Details On The Fold-Down Parking Bollards

The Dugite fold down parking bollard can be locked or unlocked to fold down. It has a quality lock with two keys and can be easily bolted down. It comes in Safety yellow with red reflector for night time. An inexpensive solution to stop illegal parkers.

The FD150 fold down bollard has a large 150mm wide face and stands 800mm high. It comes in two models – one is locked by padlock and the other is a key lockable.

The Okal Pivot Sentry is a key lockable fold down bollard that comes with two keys and pefect for guarding your parking bay while you are away at work.

Parking Bollards Wireless Option

Don’t want to leave your car to put down your bollard? You need a Unipark automatic parking bollard. From the safety of your car you can push the button on your wireless remote and this low voltage bollard will fold down so you can drive over it and park.

Stopping Illegal Parkers With Our Parking Bollards

Stop illegal parkers from using your parking bay by installing a Fold down Parking bollard.

Dugite Fold Down Padlockable Bollard D/FD200PL

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Dugite Automatic Parking Bollard – Battery

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Dugite Fold Down Parking Bollard

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Dugite Flexible Fold Down bollard

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Fold Down Bollards FD150

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Unipark Automatic Parking Bollard – Mains Power

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