Dugite Padlock Removable Bollard Round

D90R900PL 90×900 with a 5mm wall

Strong, but economical, Removable Bollards that can be simply padlocked in place to help stop illegal entry. The Dugite round and removable bollard is ideal to help protect property and buildings whilst having the flexibility of easy removal for unrestricted access. Securely locked in place by padlock these removable bollards are economical and easy to install. The locking plate is hinged to cover the hole when the bollard post is removed.



  • 90mm diameter x 5mm wall bollard for added strength
  • Standard colour: Pearl White or Safety Yellow
  • Easy removal for unrestricted access
  • Help protect against illegal entry or unaurhorised access
  • Heavy duty padlocks are also available at competitive prices
  • Economically priced