Okal Lock In Parking Sentry Bollard

Protect your vehicle from theft and also stop illegal parkers taking your car bay when you are away. The bollard post is easily unlocked from the base plate and can be stored in your car boot until you require it. If you wish to reserve a space for visitors at your workplace you need an OKAL Lock In bollard. As an alternative we also sell fold down parking bollards.



  • 65mm square bollard post
  • Height 750mm
  • Weight 5.5kg
  • Aluminium alloy cap
  • Galvanised steel post
  • Safety Yellow Epoxy painted
  • Two red reflective bands
  • Two keys per bollard
  • Individually keyed or keyed alike


  • Easy to remove
  • Visual deterrent
  • Prevent illegal parking
  • Quality lock with 2 keys
  • Only install post when required
  • Easy to install or we can install for you
  • Priced to sell