Dugite Automatic/Pneumatically Operated Bollards

Our Dugite Automatic/ Pneumatically Operated Bollards are ideal, saving time getting out of your vehicle, especially if it is raining and inconvenient. Simply drive up, push the button on your remote (just like an auto roller door), dropping the bollards so you can access your property. Once you have entered, you can put them back up by using your remote or wait until you are ready to leave. The Dugite Automatic bollards only go up or down by you activating your remote. However, in some cases you may have a large car park where it would be easier to access by using a keypad or swipe cards. You may prefer the bollards to come up automatically once you have driven through, in which case we would recommend you use a safety loop detector. This is to stop the bollards rising if the vehicle stalls or breaks down over the bollards. If you require traffic lights or an audible beeper we can supply them as an accessory. We recommend in workplace car parks that a Dugite rubber speed hump or a Slo-Motion steel speed hump is placed before the bollards so they have to slow before passing over the Automatic Bollards.



Pneumatically operated rams lift the bollards to full height or lower them flush with the ground. The bollard rams are powered by an air compressor that needs to be housed nearby. It can be installed out of the weather otherwise it will require an outdoor weatherproof cabinet which can be supplied as an accessory.

  • SIZE: 90mm Square or 100mm Round, 800mm High
  • Material: Galvanised steel post (6mm wall thickness) with galvanised steel ground sleeve (8mm wall)
  • Finish: Sandblasted, epoxy primed and powder coated Pearl White with red reflective stripe.
  • Access system: Choice of using Remote key fobs, Swipe cards, Proximity cards or keypad
  • Accessories: Traffic lights, compressor cabinet, safety loops, audible beeper, Rubber or steel speed humps, reader posts, Permanent bollards and Line marking.


  • Prevent illegal Access
  • Stop ram raids
  • Secure car park from unauthorised parking
  • Easy to operate
  • High visibility gloss and reflective