The Dugite Bronze – Retractable Bollard

Help protect your business against ram raids and illegal entry with the Dugite Bronze Retractable Bollard. Strong galvanised steel with a sturdy 90mm square 5.6mm wall this bollard gives you the security you are looking for. Being fully retractable it also offers the convenience of allowing vehicular access to your place of business as and when it suits you. Simple to operate and self locking when lifted to full height this bollard is economical and the perfect solution for controlling access and protecting your property.

This bollard is fitted with Heavy Duty 570 Oval Locks, comes with 2 keys and can be keyed to other locks. Recommended by insurance companies and used extensively by major car dealerships and shopping centres.



  • Ram raid quality bollard
  • Self locks in the ‘up’ position
  • 90mm square, 650mm or 900mm high, 5.6mm wall thickness
  • Comes with 2 keys
  • 12 month warranty
  • Powder coated white (other colours available at additional cost)
  • Can be keyed alike
  • Recommended by insurance companies
  • Superior to Camlock removable bollards



  • DDBR650W  650mm
  • DBR900W 900mm


  • DGR900SY 900mm                                       


  • DPR114900SS316 Platinum 316     114mmx900mm with a 4mm wall