Dugite Platinum Manual Retractable Bollard

Manual Retractable Bollard

Manual Retractable Bollard to help protect against Ram Raids and Illegal entry.


  • 100mm or 114mm Diameter
  • 600mm or 900mm High
  • Manual retractable operation
  • Self locks when pulled to full height
  • Flush Lifting handle
  • White Gloss enamel paint with reflectors
  • One turn key per bollard


    • Material: 100mmDiameter or 114mm Diameter, 5mm wall thickness, galvanised steel with unique Lifting handle.
    • Finish: Galvanised steel with two pack enamel paint finish in White gloss. Two 30mm wide Red reflectors are applied. Ground sleeve is hot dipped galvanised.
    • Height: 600mm and 900mm High
    • Weight: 600mm – 22kg, 900mm – 28kg
    • Locking System: By using a Turn key in the top of the bollard. One key supplied per bollard.
    • Installation: Excavation and concrete footing.
      • D/PLA100RD600M – 100mm Diameter x 600mm High/Manual
      • D/PLA100RD 900M- 100mm Diameter x 900mm High/Manual