Semi Automatic Bollards

In this day and age everyone wants things automated to save them time and effort. If they cannot afford fully automatic bollards such as our Dugite pneumatic automated retractable bollards then they go for a Dugite Platinum lift assist retractable bollard.

We have two models of Semi-Automatic Bollards: The Dugite Platinum lift assist retractable bollard (which comes in White Powder coat) and the Dugite Platinum stainless steel lift assisted retractable bollard. These bollards have a gas strut inside that when released by key drives the bollard to full height making it effortless to the operator. The turnkey used is inserted into the bollard top, at the same time pushing down with your hand or foot then turning the key to release it. To lower, you turn the key and push the bollard down until it clicks in place.

The Dugite Platinum Lift Assist Bollards are selected by many Government Departments who would rather pay a little more than a manual lifting unit to make sure there are not any Occupational Health and Safety issues.

The Dugite Platinum Lift Assist Retractable Bollard

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The Dugite Platinum – Stainless Steel Lift Assisted Retractable Bollard

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