Can a Safety or Removable Bollards be Too Tough?

We are used to seeing safety and removable bollards in many locations now because they are a great way to promote public safety. Any society can only flourish if the requirement for security can be balanced against the need to gain access to resources. If you go too far in either direction, you could end up with a dystopian police state or total chaos. Neither of these states is desirable, so planners need to approach their task with both of these concerns in mind. The modern bollard is a fantastic tool in this regard, access can be allowed or denied as required, and the aesthetic appeal isn’t compromised.

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3 Bollard Security Concerns

A bollard is designed to promote public safety and offer a certain level of security based on the threat level and local circumstances. If the bollards are too utilitarian, the area can easily look like a military camp and raise tensions amongst people using space. This is a measurable phenomenon, and civic planners work hard to strike a balance. Luckily, modern bollards are available in all sorts of designs and finishes that work well in any type of situation. There are three major areas of concern when bollards are installed in an area.

1. The Capability to Deal with the Threat

The fixed or removable bollards installed at a particular location need to adequate to deal with the likely threat. As an example: a high wall would be overkill at a shopping mall parking structure where safe traffic control is the highest priority, and it would be crazy to install a no trespassing sign as the only protection at a Nuclear facility. It’s important to understand the location and the needs well before any bollard solution is sourced. This will allow the property manager to narrow their search and/or get better advice from a professional.

2. Enhancing Visual Appeal

We’ve already talked about aesthetic appeal, but this is extremely important, and the visual appeal should be improved wherever it’s possible to do so. When the area is eye-catching it will make the users feel calmer and more inclined to use it. This will also create a great first impression on clients and visitors to locations, such as clinics, hotels, and retail locations. At their very best, bollards can look like pieces of art or if you prefer they can fade into the scenery.

3. Access Must be Possible

The installed safety bollards must allow for adequate access to the location, and a failure to do so could pose a threat to visitors, employees or the general public. As an example: it makes good sense to install strong, fixed bollards along the perimeter of a property line, but it’s essential to install removable bollards at key access points. This will allow emergency services to gain access to the location quickly if required.

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