Individual or Centralised Waste Bins for You Business?

Dealing with waste effectively is the bane of many businesses, both large and small. Many employees have less than optimal recycling behaviour; waste bins at every work station can have a custodial pickup, but this does nothing to change ingrained habits. Imagine for a moment, that you don’t have to empty your own bin, would you care what you threw in there? Let’s take a closer look at this issue and try to determine which type of waste bin solution is best.

Tackling the Ingrained Habits of People

Altering ingrained behaviour is never easy, but it is possible to stop waste complacency in your employees. To begin with, implementing a policy to user smaller waste bins and desktop recyclers will force people to think about what they are throwing away. Custodial desk visiting waste pickups should be ended. Instead, a centralised recycling and waste station could be made available for employees to empty their bins into. When smaller bins are used, waste management costs shrink and custodial costs are reduced.

The Financial Implications

Although investing in new Waste bins is an expense, it will usually be recouped in less than a year. In Canada, this kind of waste reduction policy was implemented in 25 government buildings; waste was reduced by an average of 85%. Additionally, approximately $1 million was saved in custodial costs, and the success of this program resulted in its being rolled out to other sectors. Although the figures have varied a great deal since that point, the initiative has been consistently positive in a financial and environmental sense.

The Difficulty of Implementation

Obviously, like any big change, one couldn’t realistically expect a complete change overnight. Simply buying a load of waste bins and depositing one at each desk would not have the desired effect. Raising awareness through training is a good starting point and then perhaps phase in the new waste protocol one area at a time. Fairly soon, you should start to notice that the waste habits in your employees are changing for the better. For added fun, you could even implement a competition that compares waste levels in the different parts of your business. As an example: can Accounts beat Sales this month for recycling? Finally, a feel good factor will set in, and the savings that are made will be well worth the effort.

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