A Comparison: Individual Waste Bins vs Centralised Waste Bins

When they think about waste management and waste bins, Perth property managers have some important decisions to make. Many of us want to divert our waste from landfill sites and improve recycling habit in our employees. Despite the heightened sense of environmental awareness many businesses still have less than ideal waste procedures. A waste bin at every work station and a custodial service only encourages bad waste disposal habits. There are also financial considerations that can offer significant incentives to make a change. Let’s examine the differences between centralised and individual waste bins.

Individual Waste Bins

Typically, a business would have a waste bin at every desk or waste station. The bin is filled each day, and then a custodial service takes the waste away to an area to await removal. This encourages the employee to throw away all items and take no care about items that could be recycled. It can also be expensive, a custodial service to remove waste can annually cost up to $50 per employee.

Centralised Waste Bins

This system still has small waste bins at each work station, but the employee is responsible for emptying them. A central waste station is then located in the area for the employee to use and they are encouraged to recycle. This makes the company more environmentally friendly and frees up custodial staff costs. The costs of installing this kind of system could be recouped very quickly, a government program in Canada reduced waste by over 75% and lowered custodial costs by almost one million dollars. Over time, this program was rolled out to other Canadian institutions, and the results in every case were always positive. Lowering operating costs and improving the environment at the same time is a goal well worth pursuing.

Establishing New Habits

Encouraging the adoption of new habits can be difficult, however waste complacency can be tackled with a number of different strategies. The adoption of smaller waste bins and the addition of recycling bins will begin the change. The custodial pick up of waste at each work station will have to be discontinued, and a new central waste and recycling station will be needed. This will encourage the employees to think about their waste and take more care about recyclable items.

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