Shock Absorbing Bollards


Sometimes you need a Bollard that has some “Give” to prevent damage to a vehicle whether in a car park or warehouse. Otherwise, you seem to be continually replacing the same bollard. The Shock Absorbing Bollard is made to absorb low speed impact damage and help to prevent damage. Ideal in Car parks, Warehouse’s inside and also outside, in ground and surface mounted.


  • Absorbs the impact
  • Helps prevent damage
  • Outer plastic sleeve in Yellow and Black Bands
  • 140mm x 1.2m High
  • In ground or Surface mounted


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BSAB140-CD   – 140mm In Ground
BSAB90SSIF   – Stainless Steel In Ground
BSAB900SS-SM   – Stainless Steel Surface Mount
BSAD140-SM   – 140m Surface Mount