Recycling Tips to Reduce Your Office Waste

While most responsible owners ensure that there are waste bins located conveniently located for all of their staff, throwing everything in the bin is not exactly green. The typical office produces an average of twenty bags of week per week, based on a staff of one hundred people. However, you can reduce your office waste and encourage recycling with these simple tips. Reducing your waste is not only better for the planet, but it can help to streamline your office.

Focus on Paper

In an ideal world most businesses would operate in a paperless environment, but in many cases, this is simply not viable. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just assume that your paper usage is out of your control. You should aim to train your staff to consider whether things actually need to be printed or whether they can be distributed electronically. Additionally, you could consider duplex print or print on both sides of the paper. This usually requires basic configuration of your printer that can be easily done with minimal technical support, yet could half your paper consumption.

You could also set your print queue to pull print. This relies on user intervention to activate a print job at the print site. This is an effective tool since approximately thirty percent of all printed materials sits on the printer without collection. This means that you could effectively reduce your paper use by a third without any impact on the office.

Expand Your Recycling System

Moving to a full emphasis on recycling can be very disruptive to most businesses, but if you expand your recycling system gradually, you can establish it as part of your office culture. A good place to start is installing waste bins designated for card and paper. You could also check steel waste bin suppliers for coloured recycle units to make recycling plastics, glass, batteries and toner easier.

Consider Placement of Waste Bins

When planning your recycling efforts, you need to consider the placement of your designated waste bins. Have a think about what type of waste is produced in any given area of the premises. For example, it is a good idea to limit the bins for regular waste in the work areas and add in more card and paper recycling bins. However, in staff break rooms and food preparation areas, it is more appropriate to have plastic, glass and can recycling receptacles.

Implementing plans to reduce your office waste can be a little daunting, but it can be a gradual process to ease everyone into a greener way of thinking. Just be sure to communicate the new recycling options to all your team, and mark the designated recycle areas clearly to ensure maximum compliance.

If you are considering replacing your waste bins, Perth WA business owners should speak to us. We are a reputable steel waste bin supplier, and the Image Bollards team is available to discuss your requirements for waste bins to assist you in finding the solution best suited to your specific needs.