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The Dugite Electric Bollard

The Dugite electric bollard is a preferred option because it is super quiet. It is ideal for a family home especially if you leave early in the morning and don’t want to create noise. The Dugite electric bollard runs on low voltage power and can be plugged into a 3 pin plug.

It is fully enclosed and has been tested under extreme conditions and is fully sealed against water penetration. A standard access system is by wireless remote key with two remotes coming per bollard system.


  • Helps stop ram raids
  • Stop theft
  • Prevent unauthorised parking
  • Illegal access
  • Super quiet operation


  • Size: Bollard post 114mm x 800mm High x 5.6mm wall, ground sleeve has 5mm wall.
  • Material: The Galvanised steel bollard is acid etched and powder coated Pearl White. The ground sleeve is Hot Dipped Galvanised.
  • Access System: Remote key fobs, Swipe cards or Proximity cards may also be used even a keypad.
  • Accessories: Traffic lights, Safety loops, line marking, signage or Dugite Rubber speed humps and Permanent bollards.
  • Installation: Image Bollards have an experienced team of installers and technicians.