Speed Humps

Image Bollards provide a range of speed humps to Perth customers and they are the perfect option if you need to control the speed of traffic. Speed humps will reduce the speed of vehicles in your designated areas for a more controlled and safer environment.


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4 Advantages of Rubber Speed Humps

Australia’s Best-selling Speed Humps Are Here!

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These are ideal for use as a traffic calming device in shopping centre car parks, school areas, factories and other industrial areas where it is imperative to reduce traffic speed for safety reasons. We have a range suit different situations and even have one which only allows traffic from one direction.

Rubber Speed Humps Also Available In Image Bollards

If you’re looking for rubber speed humps, we have our own, easy to install Dugite Rubber Speed Hump which is perfect for underground car parks to reduce noise.

Cable Protector Speed Humps are designed as a temporary measure to protect pedestrians from tripping hazards by covering cables and hoses.

We also offer Steel types which are quick and easy to install and thanks to their sturdy constructions are able to carry large volumes of traffic. With a five year structural guarantee, our steel speed humps are the perfect options for shopping centres and general car parks.

Rubber speed cushions, rumble strips and parking separators are also available.

If you’re not sure which option best suits the needs of your business, you can have a chat with our experienced team for more information. We also offer an easy installation service and maintenance support as required.

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To find out more about our speed humps for sale, speak to the team at Image Bollards today.

Dugite Rubber Speed Hump (250mm Sections)

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Dugite Poly Heavy Duty Speed Hump

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Slo-Motion Standard Duty Steel Speed Hump

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Slo Motion Heavy Duty Steel Speed Hump

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Blade Runner One Way Access Control Speed Hump

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Parking Separator

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Rubber Speed Cushion

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Cable Protector Speed Hump

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Rumble Strip

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1m Rubber Speed Hump

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Rubber Speed Hump Ends

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