Using Gutter Ramps on Your Pavements

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, gutter ramps are those recycled rubber ramps placed on pavements to bridge differences in height safely. They are also used to ensure that vehicles can move safely and are available in high visibility colours. They are fixed in place using plugs, so permanent connections are possible, but not necessary. This also makes them a perfect temporary solution for increasing safety and improve access. Let’s take a closer look at how these ramps can be used and some of the benefits they offer.

Some Common Applications:

These products can be used in a wide variety of ways, for providing access across a pavement, here are some of the more common applications:

A driveway ramp for cars

These ramps are sometimes referred to as Kerb Ramps, and they provide vehicle access between a street and a driveway over the pavement.

Disabled access

Wheelchair users find that negotiating a kerb is much easier when a curb ramp is in place. The gradient is shallow enough to offer easier access than a barrier presented by a kerb edge.


When used in parking areas or on pavements, Gutter Ramps allow a drainage path for water runoff to flow into specific areas.


Foot traffic, can follow graded ramps down from pavement surfaces onto the surface of adjoining streets.

Curb Cutting

These ramps are perfect for cutting edges on areas, such as pavements, loading zones, bus stops, road crossings, intersections and on street parking areas.

Improving Safe Vehicle Access

These ramps are ideal for improving safe vehicular access for areas, such as medical facilities, schools, playgrounds, road crossings and private or public car parks.

Some of the Benefits

When you use a gutter, kerb or Driveway Ramp, there are a lot of benefits. These ramps are a perfect modular solution for problem areas that can be permanent or temporary as needed. Multiple ramps can be connected together to create entire strips for access if required and heavier traffic is not a problem. The ramps can be installed easily on both concrete and asphalt surfaces for maximum flexibility. They are very pedestrian and vehicle friendly with high visibility and a gentle rubber surface that won’t cause damage. As a recycled rubber product, they last a long time without corroding, cracking or degrading in our hotter temperatures. There is no need to install piping for drainage as water flows easily under these ramps.

If you’re interested in using gutter ramps, driveway ramps or even a kerb ramp on your site, contact us. At Image Bollards, we both supply and install a wide selection of safety and security equipment. All of our product range is manufactured to a high standard and are in compliance with Australian standards. Our sales team is ready and standing by to discuss your needs in greater detail and to answer any other questions you may have.