Wheel Stops Perth

Australia’s Wheel Stops Are Available Here At Image Bollards

Image Bollards carry a range of Perth wheel stops for parking areas. Wheel stops are designed to not only control parking, but also to limit the travel of a vehicle within a designated parking space and prevent damage to vehicle and property.

Preventing Accidents With Rubber Wheel Stops

Perth Wheel Stops, including the rubber wheel stops, also prevent vehicles from intruding into pedestrian walkways at shopping center car parks. Products sold by Image Bollards comply with Australian Standards AS2890:1:2004. If you want a more controlled environment in your parking space, as well as making things easier for vehicles when it comes to parking, wheel stops are the perfect solution.

Perth Wheel Stops

Like concrete? Our Perth-made Dugite concrete stops also conform to AS2890:1:2004 and are solid to take knocks from trucks and heavy vehicles. One of the benefits of concrete wheel stops is that they can be easily painted to suit your building or to increase visibility. we also offer heavy duty wheel stops.

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Dugite 1650 Rubber

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Heavy Duty Truck Stop

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