Which is Best? Individual Waste Bins vs. Centralised Waste Collection

Waste management and pollution have become a hot topic in recent decades, and many local government resources are dedicated to dealing with this issue. One of the key strategies has been to divert waste away from landfills and adopt better recycling habits. This has led to a quandary for many businesses; how do they collect waste and dispose of it in an ethical manner? The two main methods are an individual bin at each workstation or a more centralised waste collection system. Let’s examine this issue in greater detail to determine which is the best method for your business moving forward.

Waste Bins1

A Brief Business Waste Primer

In the past, a centralised waste collection was the de facto method for waste removal from an office location. This is still used by many businesses today. At the end of each day, a custodial pickup is carried out, and each waste bin is emptied into a larger bin and removed outside for a weekly pickup. This is convenient, but it will not break employees out of bad recycling habits, and it can even increase the amount of waste generated. Most people will think twice about dumping an unnecessary item in the trash if they are the ones that have to empty the bin.

People are a Key Factor

Most employees can be encouraged to change their waste habits easily, and this will quickly address any waste complacency issues that you may have. First, you will need to end the custodial waste pickup at each desk and inform the employees of the new requirements. Next, you will need to install smaller waste bins or deskside recycling bins for each desk or workstation. Finally, you need to inform your employees where the waste and recycling station is located and encourage them to empty out their bins there. Adopting these protocols will encourage your employees to carefully consider what they are throwing in the bin. When you use an individual waste bin system, you can save money on custodial services, and this can really add up over the year.

There are Big Savings to be Made

Any costs that are incurred by adopting this waste disposal method are easily recouped with a year. This waste reduction program was used in 25 government buildings in Ontario, Canada and waste was reduced by an astonishing 75-95%. This also saved over a million dollars in custodial service costs, because of this success the program was adopted by other organisations, and they all reported similar results.

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