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Crowd-Q Fencing System

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Ball Fence Gates

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Ball Fence Plus Menni

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De-Fence Zone Fencing

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Dock Safe-Q

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Menni-Q Fence System

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Post And Rail – Heavy Duty

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Post-Q Fence System

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High visibility fence systems are effective at controlling pedestrian traffic flow through designated areas and pathways. We have permanent heavy duty post and rail, temporary high visibilty fencing, ball fence gates and hand rails in safety yellow. One of our consultants will be happy to assist you in making the right decision.

The Crowd Q fencing system is made of moulded Polyethylene and is more user friendly than its metal equivalent. It is lightweight, Hi Vis Orange with low profile feet, easily interlocks together and is ideal for festivals or sporting events. Why not purchase the Q Caddy trailer to move the Crowd Q Fencing System around your venue. The Q Caddy trailer can take up to twenty panels at a time and is easily towed by the Ground keeper’s vehicle. It is not registered for on road use.

Ball fence gates can be added to a run of ball fence so you have access to the other side. It can open inwards or outwards. Why not add a gas strut so that the gate closes automatically every time. For a wider opening use a double gate.

The ball fence plus Menni is a ball fence with a moulded Menni module at its base to prevent fork lift tines or pallets entering a pedestrian zone.

Channel rail is a Fork lift Safety Railing with a 200mm high, heavy duty metal floor channel to stop intrusion into the pedestrian zone.

Post Q fence system is used indoor or outdoor separating cars from pedestrians, event attendees from Security Areas or to close off car parks or no go areas.

Our Defence zone fencing is used as a safety fence to protect machinery or people from the machinery. It is simple to install and It can be fitted with swing or sliding gates with self-closing kits.  The wire panel mesh is powder coated Black gloss with the posts powder coated Safety yellow gloss.

Dock Safe Q is a temporary fencing barrier to help stop people from falling from an elevated Loading Bay. It comes with one metre high panels that can be removed or installed quickly without using a toolkit. People have been killed by backing a fork truck off an open loading bay- don’t let it happen again- install Dock Safe Q.

Econo Rail – Standard Duty is commonly used to separate the warehouse from pedestrian walkways and/or warehouse office areas. Powder coated Safety Yellow it is highly visible and easily drilled and bolted to the factory floor.

The Menni Q fence system is used for protection from fork lifts while walking on the other side. Impact absorbing, lightweight and highly visible the Menni Q is an economical solution.

Post and Rail-Heavy Duty is available with surface mounted posts or in ground legs. The Post and Rail-HD has solid posts and rails to handle most knocks. It is Powder coated Safety Yellow and is easy to install on flat surfaces or even sloping surfaces.