G4000 4m Boom Gate


The fast automatic barriers, for openings of up to 4m, are the ideal solution for private or public car-parks in residential areas or in zones of high passage intensity.

Easy to install, they come complete with a full range of assembly accessories such as various-section bars, lamps, racks, fixed supports.

They do not require any preparation and – when added to with the appropriate safety accessories – comply with the requirements of modern system engineering.

The barriers of the GARD Series are designed to be installed both to the right and left of the passageway. They are available also in the AISI 304 inox cabinet version

The fully modular structure allows the cabinet to easily receive installation of all accessories needed for system security, such as photoelectric cells, flashing devices and sensitive edges. (detail: G4000 cabinet)

It is advisable to add a Dugite rubber speed hump or a Slow- Motion steel speed hump at entry to slow vehicles down to swipe their card or input a pin number at the bollard reader post. Once in the car park we can supply and install Dugite rubber wheel stops or Dugite concrete wheel stops, both conform to Australian Standards. (AS2890.1.2004)