Workplace Safety

Safety in the wokplace is of the highest importance. At Image Bollards we carry a broad range of safety equipment from anti-slip products, anti-fatigue matting, safety barriers, hand rails and equipment used to cordon off hazardous areas quickly and safely.

Wall Mounted Retracta-belts can be strategically placed around your factory or if you need to cordon off an area in an emergency you can extent the Retracta-belt to a receiver clip on the opposite wall. If the distance is too great you can use reflective cones with a Skipper retractable tape barrier from one to another otherwise a retractable cone bar that extends up to 2 metre.

Double Rail U Bars are a must in any factory to separate people from Fork Lift trucks or other vehicles. One rail is set at knee height and the top rail at chest height. If you want a more visible pedestrian separation fence system then go for the Menni Q. Made of moulded polyethylene in bright orange it is strong, lightweight and easy to assemble.

You shouldn’t stand on a concrete floor all day long and neither should your workers. Make it more pleasant by providing Anti-fatigue and anti-slip rubber mats.

Prevent accidents on slippery stairs by using anti-slip stair nosing. Made from fibreglass it is good quality and hardwearing. For short term or as a temporary measure use anti-slip tape.

De-Fence zone fencing can be used to zone off different areas for manufacturing. You can have panel fencing with a swing gate that can be locked.

Dock Safe-Q is temporary fencing that protects a forklift and driver going over the edge of a loading dock. Panels can be removed or installed quickly from fixed sockets when trucks come and go.

Please browse our website and then contact us to discuss your requirements.

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