Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards offer the perfect solution for businesses that are looking to grant access during certain times of the day and restrict access at other times. An excellent way to protect parking areas from unwanted vehicles outside of business hours but, can be retracted to allow visitors and customers to your premises during trading hours.

Depending on the value of the stock you carry all insurance companies will insist on bollard protection in front of your roller door entrance. Our bollards are used throughout Australia by car dealerships to protect and secure their entrances against vehicle theft. Shopping malls are another target and again use our bollards to secure their entrances.

Our top seller is the Dugite Bronze that installed correctly will withstand a force of 3-4 tonne. Law enforcement agencies recommend, as we do, that the bollards are no more than 1.4 meters apart.

Fully retracting to ground level means there is no requirement for additional storage and your staff and customers are safe from tripping hazards. However, if the bollard is out in the car park it is advisable to raise it 10mm to help prevent excess water flowing into it. We carry a range of bollards from the manually operated Dugite Bronze through to the lift-assisted Platinum models.

The Dugite Bronze Bollard is our most popular model because it is ram raid quality, economical and easy to operate. It comes in two sizes 650mm High and 900mm High. Fitted with a Heavy Duty 570 Oval lock and can be keyed alike or to your key. The Dugite Bronze 650mm Retractable bollard comes in Pearl White powder coat with red reflector. The Dugite Bronze 900 comes in Pearl White as standard, but also in Safety yellow as required.

The Dugite Gold 900 bollard comes in safety yellow with white reflective strips as standard. Both have an easy to use stainless steel lifting handle and come with a high quality Oval lock for maximum security.

The Dugite Platinum manual retractable bollard offers a high level of protection, is easy to lift and the lock controlled by a simple turnkey operation. It comes standard in white gloss and with 2 red reflector strips at the top of the bollard. Other models are also available in stainless steel such as our classy Dugite Platinum 316 grade stainless steel manually operated bollard 900mm High. Our Platinum stainless steel lift assisted retractable comes in 600mm and 900mm High and is hugely popular with Government Departments due to being lift assisted.

We have developed and upgraded our stainless steel range and now offer Permanent, Removable, Retractable and Automatic bollards in 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. After all most Australian cities are on the coast and 304 grade stainless steel tarnishes in salt air. Our Dugite 316 marine grade stainless steel bollards look good all year round and draw the eye to complement any building.

The Dugite pneumatic automatic bollard is pneumatically operated and offers a variety of access control systems such as safety loops and traffic lights. Remote key fobs, proximity cards, swipe cards and keypad are just some of the options available.

Fully automatic stainless steel bollards have an adjustable operating time of between 3 and 5 seconds and 1 control box will control as many as 3 bollards. We offer these in a range of sizes from 168mm, 220mm to 320mm diameter and 600mm High and made from quality Stainless Steel.

The Dugite electric automatic bollard does not need a compressor with the electric motor based under the bollard itself. It has super quiet operation running off mains power. Access systems such as wireless remotes or swipe cards can be discussed with our sales team.

The Okal Sentry has been used in Western Australia since the 1990’s and depending on installation can withstand a force of 3-4 tonnes. As the WA distributor and agent we carry the full range of accessories including clutch keys and our service technicians are available to visit your premises to perform maintenance and service if required.

If you aren’t sure which bollard is best suited for your requirements our consultant will help you make the right choice for your business.

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